2 Missed Appointment

Dear Patient,

You may recall we contacted you previously informing you of an appointment you had missed. According to our records it appears you have missed another appointment.

We understand that on occasions there may be genuine reasons why you are unable to attend an appointment. Please contact us to let us know if there were reasonable grounds for your non-attendance on this occasion. This is the second time we had to contact you within the last 12 months regarding missed appointments. We feel there may be a breakdown in patient-practice relationship if a further appointment is missed. Please take this as your second notification, if you fail to attend for a further appointment we will be considering removing you from our practice list and you will need to find another practice to register with.

Removing a patient from our registered list is always a last resort, but we have to take the matter of wasted appointments seriously as it is a strain on our resources and affects the level of service we are able to give to other patients.

May we take this opportunity to respectfully request again that if something arises meaning you may miss or be late for an appointment in the future, please kindly let us know at least an hour in advance, so your appointment can be given to someone else and a new one can be offered to you if needed.

If you have any queries regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact the surgery. Again, if you feel this communication has been issued to you in error and there was a specific reason why you were unable to attend or were late then please inform us. Thank you for your co-operation.